Anton Bauer

At NAB, Anton Bauer unveiled some major enhancements to their existing line along with a couple of new products worth noting.

NAB 2012 brought the announcement that, effective immediately, all Anton Bauer batteries would be shipping with new RealTime Display fuel gauge window. Easy-to-read, RealTime update eliminates the original [and confusing] “pie chart” display in favor of a simple hour and minute time-remaining display and universal appearing battery scale graphic. Another enhancement is the integration, across all Logic Series batteries, of the SleepMode motion detection feature. Reducing unnecessary discharge when not in use, shaking the battery or attaching it to a mount will awaken it from stand-by.

Wireless HD transmission is now available from Anton Bauer / IMT in a Gold Mount enabled package. For use in the unlicensed 5.8Ghz band (also works in licensed 2.3Ghz band), the transmitter and receiver have a stated range of up to three-quarters of a mile. Wireless monitor from Direct VU is available separately from the transmitter and receiver, which we are told will list at less than $25,000.

For powering cinema cameras on location, Anton Bauer was showing their VLCX series batteries, which integrate four Hytron 140 cells for a total of 560Wh of power at 20a / 14.4V or 12a / 28V (for Sony F23/F35 cameras). The VLCX series replaces the hot-swappable cinema chargers. Call Barbizon for pricing on the VLCX series batteries and charger.

New at NAB this year was Anton Bauer’s Matrix Cheese Plate system for either 15mm or 19mm rods systems. With an array 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting holes on the plate, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically, it is possible to mount disk recorders and Anton Bauer Gold mounts to the camera’s existing rods system. List price will be less than $300 with either 15mm or 19mm clamps.