Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

Apollo AVERE UVExpanding on last year’s new AVERE series fixtures which allowed you to insert your own LED lamp into the housing, Apollo added a UV fixture called the AVERE 4U. This fixture has 5 high efficacy UV LED emitters built in and is IP65 rated.

Keeping with the spirit of UV, Apollo also is selling a UV T8 LED Tube, which with some minor tweaks to your current Fluorescent ballasts, swap out fairly easily.

Apollo Stack Focus WrenchEver wonder what happens to all that scrap steel left over from making gobos? Well Apollo takes that and creates these new Little Focus wrenches! Stacking a couple of sheets together and riveting them together creates a unique look and feel for a focus tool. They come in 3”, 5” and 6” sizes.

Need some earrings? Apollo can now cut miniature gobos out of steel or gel to make them! Sounds like the perfect gift for lighting lovers everywhere!