American Grip

AGI Short HangerAmerican Grip continues to move forward with their products, always looking to create new pieces and accessories to make the lives of grip and studio lighting technicians easier. If you think something could be done differently, check with them to make sure they have not already have it manufactured.

A great example of this is the Aluminum, Medium Duty Adjustable Extension which was shown as a prototype last year. This uses the slide-through pipe clamp of a traditional hanger but with 1" tubing suitable for use with the smaller/lighter fixtures which are now more typical in studio hangs. The tubing incorporates steel internal stops for safety and, of course, can be fitted with a stirrup or other hanging hardware.

There is a very forward focus to keep as much of the manufacturing process not just in the country but in their own hands, to ensure that buying American means buying quality. Their customer service is there for you, backing up their products and workmanship.