Sekonic C-800 SpectroMaster Colour Meter


The ultimate colour meter. Ultra-precise colour measuring.
Designed to be used on set.

Developed with the input from leading lighting manufacturers, filmmakers, photographers, and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Science and Technology Council, the C-800 solves the problems image makers have when understanding colour properties of light, and how lights will reproduce colours on camera.


  • Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash, from 380 to 780 nm
  • Expanded Colour Rendering Properties
  • (CRI, SSI, TLCI, TLMF, TM-30-15)
  • Extended Colour Control Parameters
  • (Hue/Saturation, CIE 1931 x, y chromaticity coordinate).
  • Wide measurement range of Colour Temperature (1,600 to 40,000K) and illumination
  • (1 to 200,000lx in ambient light, 20 to 20,500lx in flash light)
  • User-friendly design: 270 degrees swivel head, dark calibration without a cap, large 4.3‰۝ colour touch panel LCD and Customise function
  • Various displays (Text, Spectrum Graph, Spectrum Comparison, CRI, CRI Comparison, SSI, TLCI/TLMF, TM-30-15, Lighting Filter for Roscoå© and LEEå©, Camera Filter for Kodak Wrattenå©, LEEå© and Fujiå©, Multiple Lights Comparison, White Balance Correction)
  • Measurements of Kelvin (K), Illuminance (lux/fc), LB/CC Filters (for Camera Lens or Lighting Filters), LB/CC Index, CRI (Ra, R1 thru. R15), ‰_Àuv, SSI, TLCI, TM-30-15(Rf, Rg), CIE1931(x, y), Hue, Saturation
  • Up to 99 data measurements can be stored in memory.
  • C-800 Series Utility (download from www.sekonic.com) offers easy settings in the meter and analysis of memorized data in a computer


More Info

More colour rendering modes than any other meter in the industry.
CRI | TLCI | TLMF | TM-30-15 | (NEW) SSI

It is the first and only meter to include SSI (Spectral Similarity Index) developed by the Sci-Tech Council of the Academy. SSI gives the user the ability to set any light as a standard, or use predefined standards (such as CIE D55), and then gives other lights an SSI score based upon how well they will match. The C800 also includes TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index), TLMF (Television Lighting Matching Factor), TM-30-15 (Technical Memorandum) in addition to CRI (Colour Rendering Index), which can be measured singularly or in two light comparison mode.