Pathway Connectivity Pathport VIA10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

At last - a network switch that understands lighting - designed by a leader in lighting network technology.

The VIA10 is a 10 port + 1 layer 2/3 gigabit network switch with a host of industry specific features. The front panel LCD and encoder knob  - a feature not found even on enterprise switches - provide easy configuration and status review, without need of a computer link or a web browser. 

The Pathport VIA ships with a base configuration known to work with the vast majority of lighting systems.  In the event of a management processor failure, the VIA will still function as an unmanaged switch.

A front panel LCD and encoder knob - something not found even on enterprise switches - allow the user to quickly review status information and to set configuration.  IP addresses are  quickly set without need of a serial connection or web browser, removing a common stumbling  block when setting up a network.  A rear-mounted SFP port acts as a 1GB fiber port (requires user-provided mini-GBIC connector).

A simple VLAN interface allows user with limited networking knowledge access to powerful routing tools.  Link mode allows a user to force a slower connection speed - a useful workaround for poor wiring.  With 60W of on-board PoE (power-over-Ethernet), up to 10 Class 1 PoE devices may be powered.  PoE laoding can be adjusted or limited port-by-port.

All connected Pathport devices can be reviewed from the LCD, including the device name, IP settings, MAC address and serial number, and operating firmware version.  Switch configuration and logging can be saved to external media via integrated SD and USB ports.

Firmware version fixes some LCD and PoE reporting bugs, and front panel recognition of the rear SFP port.  For users wishing to upgrade from or earlier firmware, you must download the version and upgrade to it first. Please note it is not possible to downgrade from 3.4.x.x.

Users of firmware should download version here  and upgrade, to correct PoE management problems.

The VIA fills a long-standing need in the industry and, for the first time, allows the sourcing of a complete Ethernet-based lighting data distribution system from a single supplier.


  • Front panel LCD and encoder knob allow easy status review and configuration
  • IP settings configurable from front panel
  • Link speed, duplex, PoE status including power draw and more are reported
  • Force link mode allows user to determine communication speed
  • Display all connected Pathport devices, including each device's name, IP settings, MAC address, and firmware version
  • VLAN configuation and review from the front panel
  • Native AVB (Audio-Visual Bridge) support
  • Free Java-based configuration tool (Pathport Manager)