Pathway Connectivity Pathport Touring Edition

Whether you need basic Artnet-to-DMX conversion (or vice versa), or a full-blown multi-source, multi-protocol channel patch, the Touring Edition gives you complete DMX routing control.

Designed with the needs of the rental and tour markets in mind, the Touring Edition is fully configurable without need of a computer or network connection.   This truss-mountable single port DMX node has an IP 54 weather rating and the full feature set of all Pathport nodes.

It's also the first Pathport to incorporate DMX diagnostic tools directly from the front panel menu.  The TE will report incoming levels or it can transmit DMX to test downstream equipment and connections.

The TE is also the first handheld RDM  controller and tester.  The TE can discover any RDM-compliant gear downstream.  It can also edit basic device properties such as DMX start address.


  • Crossfade between inputs on loss or gain of signal
  • E1.31 streaming ACN input priority and magic channel input selection
  • Supports final draft and ANSI standard streaming ACN
  • One female XLR5 DMX 512 port and one RJ45 Ethercon connector
  • Address up to 128 universes
  • DMX merging or prioritization on a universe or channel-by-channel basis
  • Field or bench configurable without external power or a network connection
  • Normal operation uses Power-over-Ethernet
  • RDM compliant - can act as an RDM controller to discover and configure downstream devices!
  • Discover up to 128 RDM-enabled devices
  • DMX testing tools built in
  • Supports all major Ethernet protocols
  • ETC Net2 (as an output node)
  • Strand Shownet
  • Pathport
  • E1.31 Streaming ACN (Net3)
  • ArtNet