Nicolaudie STICK-CU4 Wall Mount RGB DMX Controller

The genius of the STICK family, the STICK-CU4 programmable lighting controller has been designed around a touch sensitive colour wheel allowing for control of RGB and RGBW lighting in addition to brightness and colour temperature control.

The controller is USB programmable from a PC or Mac using the ESA2 effect software. Up to 36 scenes can then be stored within the controller and directly recalled via 6 touch sensitive scene buttons.
The STICK-CU4 is aimed at Architectural lighting installations requiring an advanced level of programming (colour changing effects, specific colours etc..). The controller has been specifically engineered to meet the needs of lighting designers, whilst providing a clean and user friendly panel. Featuring an on/off button, 6 scenes and a cooler wheel, the STICK-CU4 is the most intuitive and easy to use STICK within the range, making it perfect for hotels, homes and public environments.

Key Features

  • DMX stand alone controller
  • Compatible with any DMX fixture or DMX LED driver
  • Ready-to-use (pre-loaded with 8 scenes and 170 RGB
  • fixtures)
  • Sleek black glass design which sits 10mm from the wall
  • Colour palette (can also be used for scene selection)
  • 12 touch-sensitive buttons. No mechanical parts
  • Touch-sensitive wheel allows for accurate colour selection
  • Built-in flash memory for storing programs
  • Up to 36 dynamic or static scenes
  • 512 DMX channels. Control 170 RGB fixtures
  • USB connectivity for programming and control
  • 8 dry contact trigger ports
  • OEM customisation of the colour palette and logo
  • Windows/Mac software to set dynamic colours/effects