Matthews 6'X6' Quik Corner Frame w/sliding mounting pin


Matthews QUIK CORNER Frames are the fastest, strongest, and lightest frames of their kind. Easy set-up and tear down gets you in, out and on to your next shot in next to no time.

Having been designed to be the fastest, easiest-to-use, and strongest corners available, the newly patented OUIK CORNER Frames are truly an innovative approach to the design, manufacture, and assembly of overhead and butterfly frames.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only. Accessories sold separately


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QUIK CORNER Frames feature a positive-locking corner system and sliding pin with T-handles for 6'x6' frames to firmly secure to the stand. The quick, positive locking/unlocking mechanism captures and securely retains the frame's integrity even when the sliding pin has been placed in an off-centre position.

QUIK CORNER Frames are easy to store as the components nest into a 2" square package with no corners, protruding angles, handles or rings on which to hang-up when loading or removing from the grip truck. The 5/8" Sliding Pin on the 6'x6' Frames has been redesigned to store separately and apart from the frame.