Matthews Combo Stand Mini Mombo

Matthews Mini Mombo Stand was engineered to a lower working height and can still handle fixtures over 80 pounds. Use the set of 3 Casters and Brake Assembly to transform it into a rolling stand. Use the Guy Rope Safety Set to secure the stand.

If you do not need all the potential height of the Mombo Combo Stand but rather would like a lighter weight stand with almost as much reach as the Mombo Combo please consider the new Mini Mombo from Matthews.

Matthews has engineered the Mini Mombo to achieve the much desired 'lower working height' required when mounting either large flags and butterflies or heavy lighting fixtures.

The Mini Mombo 4-riser stand has a maximum height of over 17 feet and will easily handle fixtures over 80 pounds.  Great for overheads and frames.  Like all Matthews stands the Mini Mombo packs a lot of punch!  It's strong, robust, and the Mini Mombo's Rocky Mountain leg will offset uneven terrain to ensure a firm, stable and sturdy footprint.

Maximum Height17'4" (529cm)
Capacity 88 lbs (40kg)