LSC 12 Channel Redback Dimmer

  • 6-channel and 12-channel versions
  • 10A per channel.
  • 6kA rated thermal magnetic miniature circuit breaker (MCB).
  • LSC’s proprietary Current Control Technology (CCT) protects all MCB’s from nuisance tripping due to cold lamp inrush currents.
  • 100% Duty Cycle rated across all channels simultaneously at 25è_C ambient.
  • DMX512A compatible with link thru connector and input termination switch.
  • LED Phase and DMX indicators.
  • Variety of output connector options available.
  • Optional MIDI input.
  • High density design allows for compact installation in racking and touring frames/cases.
  • Very intuitive User Interface offering two modes of operation:
    Basic Mode provides:
    - DMX start address selection by channel or by bank (groups of 6 or 12 channels).
    - “Virtual faders” for manual control of channel outputs
    - Bar Graph LED display for each channel output
    - Store/Recall riggers scenes.
    - Recall six internal chases (with speed control).
    - MIDI control input by Note-On, Note-Off and velocity (only when option fitted)
    Advance Mode provides all the Basic Mode functions plus:
    - Full DMX512 softpatch
    - Six individual fade curves per channel
    - Advance Scene control with DMX snapshots and Fade Times
    - Programmable Min and Max levels per channel
    - Dimmer channel Test
    - Menu Language selection
    - Reset – system and total
  • RDM enabled to remotely set/change DMX start address, patch, MIDI, curves, min and max levels, scenes, chases and channel levels.
  • Single or Three Phase Operation.
  • CE and Ctick approved.
  • 24 month warranty on parts and labour.
  • Free for Life of Product software updates via SD card socket.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by an Australian Owned company.