In acknowledgement of the demanding requirements of the Film & TV world, LSC has introduced a new range of dimmers specifically designed to withstand the rigours and hard work demanded by the worlds biggest lighting rental companies
Designed in conjunction with specialists from the Film & TV lighting industry, the FILMPRO Range has already become the No1 dimmer of choice for rental companies throughout Europe, Australia and South Africa and has showcased in 100s of feature films and TV broadcasts around the world.

The three models include the 6ch x 10A with combined Socapex and 16A CEE connectors along with a further Socapex for Non-Dim circuits only, thereby offering the user both dimming circuits and/or direct power per channel.
Also in the range is the 3 channel x 25A dimmer with 3 off 32A CEE output connectors and a 3 circuit multipole connector.
And finally, the 1 channel x 63A dimmer.

All of the above three models have a 63A 1ph CEE input connector on the back panel.
Each circuit on the FilmPro is protected by an RCBO (combination MCB + 30mA RCD) on each circuit rated at either 10A, 25A or 63A. Optional Neutral disconnect MCBs can be provided where RCDs are not desirable.
The user interface is a simple 3-button interface with Up & Down keys and a Select button making the dimmer setup very simple even for the less experienced user.

  • Three Models - 6ch x 10A, 3ch x 25A and 1ch x 63A;
  • Combined MCB and RCD (RCBO) breakers - circuit breaker with earth leakage protection (RCD/GFI) for each circuit;
  • RCBO breaker also provides Neutral Disconnect function;
  • Current Control Technology;
  • Dimmer Curve selection per channel;
  • Scene Storage;
  • PTFD Dimming (Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming) virtually any load can be dimmed, including Fluorescents, neon, and many other complex loads;
  • Auto Fan Control (user defined);
  • Self-Terminating DMX input.