LiteGear LiteRibbon Chroma 100mmx500mm RGB 60-X6

Chroma RGB 100mm x 500mm, 60 LEDs Per Metre

CHROMA RGB LiteRibbon is a single row of wide-angle, low profile LED emitters mounted to a flexible, adhesive-backed circuit board that has cut points located after every 3 emitters. It has been designed specifically to be used as a light source when either flexibility, size, or low power consumption are critical.

The LiteRibbon family has an entire control, power, and distribution ecosystem, which allows for a wide variety of options to handle any situation. When used with a multi-channel dimmer pack, you can achieve one of millions of color choices. For more about color mixing see Wikipedia.    

This all-new CHROMA RGB 60-X6 measures 100mm x 500mm (4" x 19.6"). It is a flexible sheet of light composed of an array of low profile LED emitters. This is the thinnest RGB wash light available on the planet.

Be sure to order LiteDimmers and Power Supplies, sold separately!