LiteGear LiteDimmer+Plus AC400V Hybrid 4X8

LiteDimmer+Plus Designed For + Plus Series Luminaires

Incorporating  legendary LiteDimmer cinema-grade electronics, the series includes Hybrid, Chroma, and DMX versions in capacities ranging from 100 to 1600 watts in AC and DC configurations.

Some units feature  CurrentSense™ technology that regulates the output regardless of the luminaire size. This feature allows for a 400W LiteMat+ Plus 8 to be powered by a 200W LiteDimmer+ Plus unit, which can be helpful when adding a last minute light source to a setup. AC power units operate nearly anywhere on the planet between 90 and 250VAC.

An international standard C-14 inlet connect with locking cord-set ensures a reliable connection. DC units include a 4-pin PowerLock™ connector and include your choice of Gold Mount or V-Lock battery mounting plates. These regulated DC power units provide steady output regardless of battery condition. Both AC and DC units feature our long-awaited PowerLock 7 (PC7)connectivity system. This PL7 system allows for + Plus Series luminaires in Hybrid and Chroma to all share cables, connectors, adapters, and, most of all, LiteDimmer+ Plus power units.