LiteGear LED LiteDimmer Hybrid 8A

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LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid is the most advanced handheld LED dimmer on the market. It is the backbone of control for LiteGear’s Hybrid LED products. Hybrid LiteRibbon is designed with both Tungsten and Daylite LED emitters that when used with LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid allow precise adjustment of Kelvin temperature ranging from pure Tungsten to pure Daylite and everywhere in between. Its simple yet powerful approach to controlling colour temperature and brightness sets a new standard of performance and quality while allowing the kind of flexibility demanded from lighting professionals. Bump, Fire, and Paparazzi Effect are now included in the LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid 8 Amp and the LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid 16 Amp models.

Being introduced in Series 3 Dimmers is the Remote Trigger port that allows the use of Canon EOS Controllers for remote cueing. These 3rd party remotes offer simple wired or wireless triggering of LiteDimmer Series products.

  • Operates at 12 to 48 Volts
  • Bump, Fire, and Paparazzi Effect Included
  • Male Barrel Input Connector
  • Overdrive Mode for Maximum Output
  • Remote Trigger Jack
  • Cold-Shoe Slot for Mounting Options
  • Embeded Magnets with Rubber Bumpers