K5600 Alpha 4K Kit


The extremely compact and lightweight Alpha 4K changes the requirements for any 4K on location.


  • Alpha 4K Head w/Ceramic Lens
  • Alpha 4K Fresnel Flood Alpha 4K Fresnel Spot w/Ring w/RingAlpha 4K Lens Case, • • Alpha 4K Protective Front Cover
  • Alpha 4K 5 piece Scrim w/Scrim Bag
  • Alpha 4K Alpha 4K Barndoor



More Info

With the use of a composite quartz reflector, the Alpha 4K is the smallest 4K Fresnel on the market. Heat is dissipated efficiently using a specially designed air ventilation system. The Alpha 4K runs so “cool” that it can even be illuminated in the straight down position.

Lamp installation is safe and easy using a quick release latch on the ceramic G38 socket, and is easily adjustable for 2.5K or 4K lamp use.

In addition, the Alpha Spacebeam accessory can be used to create either a follow spot, par spot, or space light effect.