K5600 Joker2 1600w Zoom Kit

The 1600W is the most powerful unit of the Joker² range. At 1600W, this Joker is comparable to over 6000W of a Quartz fixture’s output and produces one full stop more than our Joker² 800.


What's In The Box

1x Joker2 1600W Head w/Cable
1x Lamp 5600K, 750 Hrs SE, UV Stop
1x 1600W Ballast; wDMX, ALS, Dimming, 1000Hz
1x Extension Cable
1x Zoom Beamer Optical accessory
1x Scrim Bag 1600W Joker-Zoom
2x Full Double Scrim 1600W Zoom - 12"
1x Full Single Scrim 1600W Zoom - 12"
1x Four Leaf Barndoor
1x Clear Glass Beaker UV Protection Beaker
1x Frosted Glass UV Protection Beaker
2x Beaker Safety wire w/ring
1x Carrying Case 1600W Joker-Zoom


Electrical Consumption 7.4 Amps @ 230V / 16 Amps @ 110 V
JOKER² Speedring Reference 9780 OP (compatible with Octaplus, Lanterns, Pancakes, Video Pro from Chimera)
Bulb 1600 Watt CSR/SE daylight single ended discharge, 5600 Kelvin, 700 hours maximum life.
Connectors Veam quarter-turn quick locking.
Extension Cable 25 foot shielded. Common to Alpha 1600 and Joker-Bug 1600 (7.50m).


More Info

Three Configurations

JOKER² : without optics, the bare-bulb output is optimal for use in Lightbanks and lanterns due to its ability to create perfectly even distribution within these accessories.
JOKER² (PAR VERSION) : it features a specular reflector and a set of four PAR 64 lenses (Medium, Wide, Super Wide and Frosted Fresnel). These lenses provide various light patterns and a maximum output due to the reflector design (parabolic reflector) and finish.
JOKER² (ZOOM VERSION) : revolutionary, this lensless and focusable beamer gives 15 to 60 degrees of even light output. With its physical similarities to a faceted umbrella, the soft finish beautifully distributes light across your subject.

High Speed Ballast & Wireless Capabilities

The 1600W comes with a dimmable ballast, which is able to work at 300 or 1000 Hz frequencies for High Speed shoots. Drawing only 15 amps on a 120VAC line, the 1600W ballast can run on any available house power. Using the "Lumenradio" protocol, the new ballast now has an antenna and DMX panel allowing for it to be controlled via a tablet or smartphone.

Convenience & Travel

With its rolling case, the Joker² 1600W is a powerful fixture easy to take along on any journey. Additionally, because It can be run on domestic electrical supply, there is no need for a generator.