K5600 Alpha 9K Kit


The extremely compact and lightweight Alpha 9K: the go-to fixture for location shooting.
The Alpha 9K is the only 9K Fresnel on the market. Whether it’s creating a soft Fresnel look or a hard shadow, the Alpha 9K gives users the tool they need to get the job done. Additionally, the specially designed air ventilation system allows heat to be dissipated efficiently. In fact, it runs so “cool,” it can be illuminated in the straight down position.


Extremely Lightweight
“Open-Eye” HMI fixture converting to a very small Fresnel by a unique Drop-In Flood Fresnel Lens reducing overall fixture weight
Reflector and Chariot
Revolutionary Quartz Composite Reflector - 15% brighter than standard aluminum reflectors
Combination of high-efficiency small Quartz reflector with computer- designed structural air vents provides efficient convection cooling in any operating position - even pointing straight down
Lamp Suspension
Quick and safe release of the lamp via a simple latch on the ceramic G38 socket
Alpha 9K Spacelight Accessory can be used with industry standard spacelight accessories to create the brightest daylight spacelight on the market