CT 5740

City Theatrical D4 SHoW Wired Dimmer


By adding two additional output channels to our D2 Dimmer, the D4 Dimmer offers increased control versatility in an affordable compact package. The four channel configuration allows the unit to work perfectly with 1,2,3 or 4 colour tapes. It is suited for applications where colour mixing and illumination are needed for creating dramatic effects.


Power 7.5-30VDC 10A Max Power Input
Weight 0.15 lbs/.08Kg
Dimensions 2.25”/57mm W x3.5”/60mmH x 0.56”/14mmD (excluding antenna)


More Info

The D4 accepts wired DMX data communication from controllers/consoles. Other features include: Bump buttons, four dimmer modes: Linear and ISL for incandescent use, Non-Dim (on/off) for relays, solenoids etc. and LED. The D4 also provides four variable smoothing rates and five TV/Film modes for ultra smooth low end dimming and flicker free performance with LED tape. 7.5-30VDC 10A max input. 5A max output per channel, 10A max output per device.