CT 5711M

City Theatrical SHoW DMX Neo Receiver With Max Technology


The 5711M SHoW DMX Neo Receiver works with the SHoW DMX Neo Transceiver to create the communications backbone of the SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX distribution system.

Applications Indoor
Broadcast Power 1mW ETSI 14mW ETSI 28mW ETSI 72mW ETSI
SHoW DMX Neo Broadcast Modes Neo Full Bandwidth Adaptive Neo Full Bandwidth Limited Bandwidth Wi-Fi 1-6 Limited Bandwidth Wi-Fi 4-9 Limited Bandwidth Wi-Fi 7-11
SHoW DMX Classic Broadcast Mode Neo Full Bandwidth Limited Bandwidth Wi-Fi 1-6 Limited Bandwidth Wi-Fi 4-9 Limited Bandwidth Wi-Fi 7-11
DMX Burst Modes Full (512 Slots) Limited (Classic 32-480 Slots; Neo, 51-476 Slots)
Hopping Patterns 16
Show IDs 132
Radio Transceiver CTI 5792M
RF Sensitivity -95dBm
RDM Features RDM Proxy RDM Responder
Compliance Certifications FCC, IC, CE, ETL Listed
Power 9-24VDC 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 4W
Dimensions 6.25"W(159mm) x 2.375”H(60mm) x 5.125”D(130mm)
Weight 2 lbs (0.9 kg)



More Info

New Maximum Bandwidth Technology™ allows SHoW DMX to change from Frequency Hopping to Wide Band Digital Modulation, which allows it to narrow its output to smaller areas of the 2.4GHz spectrum, such as Wi-Fi channel 14 where (in the U.S.) no Wi-Fi broadcast takes place.  This allows SHoW DMX to avoid all Wi-Fi interference in an otherwise saturated spectrum.   No other wireless DMX system can make this claim.   This is accomplished simply by selecting a SHoW ID on the user interface or via RDM.

City Theatrical’s SHoW DMX® is the wireless DMX of choice for lighting professionals on Broadway and West End shows, permanent entertainment and architectural installations, and major music tours such as the U2 360 Degree Tour.

SHoW DMX Neo features the extremely high data fidelity that the multi-award winning SHoW DMX is famous for, as well as incredibly fast 7ms latency, ensuring that wired and wireless DMX sources will appear exactly the same.  All SHoW DMX Neo products feature the ability to optimise control of output power, full or limited bandwidth broadcast, and the ability to broadcast less than the full DMX packet to shrink the radio footprint.  For the users who do not want to manually optimise their broadcast, SHoW DMX Neo products also have Neo Adaptive Mode that will select only open radio channels to broadcast on, with no user intervention needed.  All SHoW DMX Neo products will also “heal” lost data packets.