Carpetlight CL88 8x8 Complete Kit


The Carpetlight is a new generation of fully flexible, light weight, ultra-bright and high quality LED soft light, that opens up entirely new possibilities in film-lighting.


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Find the perfect match for your needs
All Carpetlight models are packed with the same high quality set of features but come in different sizes to fit your individual requirements. Pick what you need, you can’t make a wrong choice.
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Absolutely light
Carpetlight is the first lighting system defining a new category covering all requirements of professional lighting. All Carpetlight products feature an extremely low thickness of less than 10 mm and a surface weight as low as 1.000 grams per square meter. The lightweight design not only comes in handy when it has to be carried – the new arrangement and hanging possibilities will make solving nightmare lighting scenarios your new favourite thing.

Almost too easy to mount
You can use any fixture you can think of. Weight is no issue anymore. There is no need for expensive, time-wasting or elaborate construction building to hang the light system, due to its light weight the mounting of the CARPETLIGHT is child’s play.

Quality and safety made in Germany
Carpetlight products are handcrafted with the greatest care in Hamburg, Germany and conform to the highest standards of manufacturing. No hazardous materials are used in the process. All our products are certified by the german TÜV NORD _„æ.

Infinite illumination settings
We understand professionals need to have full flexibility when creating individual lighting setups to ensure perfect results in all situations. That’s why the colour temperature is continuously variable between 2.800 K and 6000 K. Carpetlight ensures a CRI value of at least 87 Ra for vivid red colour-rendering (R9) and even 95 Ra or more within the white colour spectrum.

Technical specifications
Carpetlight LEDs are powered by a constant current control to ensure flicker-free images even at extremely high frame rates of 2.700 fps. Light intensity and colour temperature can be operated manually or remotely via the DMX protocol.