Block Battery HC400 28 VDC High Current For SkyPanel & HMI


Block Battery powers the SkyPanel S60 with a single HC400 through the R48-Mini for 45 min at full power.

The HC400 platform is designed to meet the needs of rental houses with a variety of medium power portable lighting applications (up to 800 watts).

The HC400 provides a high current output at nominal 28.8V levels. The HV400 output is compatible with Block Battery’s 600-INV and 1500-INV pure sine wave inverters as well as the 2F1-R48–500 DC to DC convertor.

The HC400 is the most cost effective building block for rental houses needing to power HMI’s, SkyPanels or other applications requiring AC Power.

HC400 is Unrestricted for Air & Ground Transport


Output Connector:
28vdc (20 ~34) @ 25 amps

Battery Fuse:
25 Amp replacement size (spare fuse included)

Charge Connector:
Connects to EFC-1, EFC-2, QUAD or 2F1-Charger



Dimensions 14.75” (37.4 cm) Height x 9.3” (23.6 cm) Width x 3.75” (9.5 cm) Depth
Weight 15 lbs (6.8 Kg)
Battery Type Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH)
Charging Time for Empty Battery ~ 5.5 hours on EFC-1, EFC-2, QUAD or 2F1-Charger
Short Term HC400 Storage (Up to 1 Week) 5° to 25°C (41° to 77°F) No output device plugs connected OK to leave charger connected
Long Term HC400 Storage (More than 1 Week) 5° to 25°C (41° to 77°F) Fully charge battery No output device plugs connected Do not leave charger connected Recharge every two months