Block Battery D600 14 & 24 VDC Dual Voltage Battery


A DUAL voltage battery designed for cinematic or lighting production applications where two different voltages are required simultaneously; or for applications requiring voltage regulation to less than 28 volts. The D600 provides a 560 watt hour capacity with regulated outputs of ~ 24 volts and nominal outputs @ 14.4 volts simultaneously.

Chemistry Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH)
Output V 14v and 24v regulated
Capacity 600WHrs
Recommended Load Under 15 Amps of 14v, under 10 Amps of 24v
Connectors 2-4Pin XLR, 2-3Pin XLR
Dimensions 11” (28cm) Height x 10.5” (27cm) Width x 6” (15cm) Depth
Weight 27lbs (15.87Kg)
Power Output Amount when Fully Charged 560 watt hours (40 amp hours @ 14.4VDC or 20 amp hours @ 24VDC)
Estimated Runtime ~ 5.5 hours on Alexa, or 5 hours on F65, depending on camera rig accessories
Charging Time for Empty Battery ~ 4 hours on EFC-2 or 2F1-Charger
Battery Shut-Off at End of Discharge Cycle Output power will automatically shut-off when: Output power is discharged to 10 V (Approximate)
Short Term D600 Storage (Up to 1 Week) 5° to 25°C (41° to 77°F) No output device plugs connected OK to leave charger connected
Long Term D600 Storage (More than 1 Week) 5° to 25°C (41° to 77°F) Fully charge battery No output device plugs connected Do not leave charger connected Recharge every two months