BB&S Pipeline Remote Phosphor LED System 2ft 2 Bank (5600K)


BB&S’ new Pipeline 2’ 2-Banks remote phosphor LED lights are so compact and lightweight with such powerful and controllable output that they are being grabbed up for use by broadcast studios, remote production, and cine work alike.


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Small broadcast studio space saver
When studio space is small, with low ceilings that often don’t come with a large power drop, there’s a lighting challenge. They require small form-factor lights that provide high light output, low power draw, with high TLCI 98 accurate colour quality.

BB&S rides to the rescue with the Pipeline 2' 2-Bank remote phosphor fixtures, available in 3200°K, 4300°K and 5600°K versions.

The compactly-designed 2’ 2-Bank fixture weighs 3 pounds and is 24”L x 4” high x 1.5” deep. It comes with a removable honeycomb grid and Diffuser. In studio it can be mounted flush against a wall or ceiling, or hung with multiple optional hardware accessories. In the field it travels lightly as a single unit, in a small case.

Better Colour over time
Where traditional LED fixtures may offer a partial solution for the studio, they are limited in providing highly accurate colour rendering. And while their phosphor layer is applied directly onto the heat generating LEDs (that degrade over time), BB&S uses remote phosphor technology, which separates the LEDs from the colour generating phosphor coating, enabling more vivid colour generation, TLCI as high as 98, and less colour degradation over the long term.

2’ 2-Banks Rugged, High TLCI and Infinitely Dimmable
BB&S’ Pipeline fixtures, are ruggedly made in a 1-inch cylindrical form that emits light around 180 degrees. They provide upwards of 98 TLCI colour accuracy, and are infinitely dimmable with no colour shift or flicker. With an aluminium back channel, Pipeline fixtures are practically indestructible. Plus they are smoothly dimmable throughout the range.

Low Power Draw, High Light Output
Each 2’ 2-Bank fixture draws a paltry 40W at the 100% end of its dimming range, outputting a maximum of 4000 lumens. This allows up to a dozen of the 2-Banks to be plugged into the same 15W wall outlet. For field production assignments, commonly available professional 14.4V camera battery packs can also be utilized, with the optional driver dimmer pack, to eliminate the need for AC power outlets.

Control Options
The 2’ 2-Banks are part of BB&S’ Raw series of lights, which means they do not come with their own driver dimmers. A short cable with a 3-pin XLR connector on the 2’ 2-Bank allows a single optional controller or BB&S’ convenient 48V 4-way Controller with DMX to control up to four of the banks. This 48V solution provides smooth dimming all the way to zero. And there is no flicker at any framerate. Optional extension cables 8’, 16’ and 24’ can be used, with no power loss.

(Alternatively, users can supply their own LED driver/dimmers with optional DMX packages.)

From Small Broadcast Studios to Run and Gun
With its small footprint, low power draw, high light output at 98 TLCI or better, and full dimming, the BB&S 2’ 2-Bank remote phosphor lighting instruments are made to order for small studios and remote broadcast and ENG.