Control the Light Tour 2019

The technology revolution is almost complete. You have your HMI, your Skypanels, your LED Tape, your LED tubes and Fresnels but how do we make sense of this technology and use it to it’s full capabilities on set or on location? 

How do we control the light? 

Barbizon Australia has gathered together experts in the field to present a seminar and Q and A on the latest on set techniques and technology. 

Lighting from leading manufacturers such as ARRI, Creamsource, BB&S and LiteGear will also be on display.

Snacks and refreshments provided with special offers and free giveaways on the night. See below for more details and to RSVP.


RSVP for your preferred event by typing either Sydney or Melbourne in the 'Message' field. Numbers are limited.

Sydney - Wednesday 22 May - 5pm
@ 1-3 Baker Street Banksmeadow NSW
(Baker Street Studios)

Melbourne - Thursday 23 May – 5pm
@ 111 Salmon Street Port Melbourne VIC
(Studio Revolution)

About Our Guests

Bert Reyskens - Gaffers Control / Spots Unlimited (Belgium)

Established in 1999, Spots Unlimited started as a group of 4 gaffers who bought their first truck together which evolved to a larger group of gaffers that work together and share trucks.The philosophy of Spots Unlimited has always been to create tools to make life on a film set easier and more effective.

Gaffers Control was born from a number of factors of the changing industry: Small crews needing to be able to use a simple control; evolvement of LED fixtures offering more options and more departments using WiFi networks on set.

Bert will present and demonstrate the Gaffers Control detailing all it’s many functions with hints and tips to make life easier on set with the Ultimate Lighting Remote.


Stefan Karle – DopChoice (Germany)

Founded by a DOP for DOP’S.

The Finest LED Lightshaping Gear since 2008.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DoPchoice has provided a fresh take on light refining accessories for the world’s top light fixtures since it’s founding in 2008 by Stefan Karle. The cinematographer/inventor has created and built lighting tools with more compact and lightweight designs, that are easier to use and faster to set-up—to meet the needs of gaffers, cinematographers and rental houses, worldwide. 

Stefan will present the latest in Lighting Control Grids and Snapboxes to Control the Light of all the industry leading brands.


Jakob Ballinger – The Light Bridge / (CRLS) Cine Reflect Lighting System (Austria)

Jakob’s relentless interest to tinker with lights, rigs and fixtures was fused with his fascination for film early in his childhood.

Years later he enrolled at the National Film School in Vienna to deepen his knowledge of the craft. He has been working as a gaffer, in the field of his choice, ever since. Specialising in large scale feature films and commercials, his international career has taken him all over the world.

The Light Bridge emerged as Jakob wanted to address and find answers for the needs and possibilities of new age lighting for digital cinematography.

As an industry gaffer (to Christian Berger, visionary of the CRLS System) with experience on projects ranging from small productions to major film studio shoots, he understands the need for high-quality and economical lighting for various creative projects with differing budgets.

Jakob will show us how to use his innovative Lighting Control Products with real life on Set stories. 

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